The evolution of Price Surfer

Main Features:

  • Modern graphic interface:With a high-impact design, it is configurable by styles and it can be adapted to all types of devices (smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktops)
  • Multi-supplier:Over 150 partners integrated.
  • Multi-Product: It allows to operate Flights, Hotels, Homes & Apartments, Transfers, Car Rentals, Activities, Packages, Travel Assistance, Tours* and Cruises*, among others.
  • Multi-Channel: B2B (Wholesaler), B2C (Online Travel Agencies) y B2B2C (To create white labels).
  • Dynamic Packaging Module.
  • Flexible Dates Chart: for flights fares
  • TripAdvisor´s Rating and Reviews
  • Recommended Offers
  • Wide Array of Search Filters
  • Landing Pages for Different Products.
  • Module to Compare Hotels: without a property limit.
  • Search Hotels by Landmarks: based on guest interest.
  • Cross-selling Module: of Terrestrial Services.
  • Online Payment Module: operating B2B y B2C, it allows to integrate online payment gateways.
  • Full Control Panel: to set up contracts, users, business rules, follow up and manage bookings.
  • Business Reports Module.
  • Emisión de Bonos / Vouchers: of Terrestrial Services.
  • Upload your Own Contracts: for receptive operators.
  • Web Services: to distribute inside and outside nemo´s network.
  • Share Content through Social Networks.
  • SEO & SEM ready

One platform, all your solutions


The attractive graphic interface has been designed to adapt to mobile devices and it can be used in all types of technological platforms, whether it is a desktop computer or tablet/smartphone.


It can be used as a B2C portal for OTAs (Online Travel Agencies), as B2B platform (Wholesalers) or to create white labels in the B2B2C version.


Price Navigator has been developed with a flexible software architecture so as to respond to a SCALABLE BUSINESS MODEL. Thus, our clients can acquire different technological components based on their requirements and allow them to operate individually (or as a full solution) the main products and tourist services: Hotels, Flights, Transfers, Activities, Car Rentals, Packages, Cruises, Homes and Apartments, Tours and Traveler Assistance.


Over 150 suppliers are integrated via API/XML in Price Navigator besides the possibility of adding own contracts.


It can be set up in Spanish, English or Portuguese and it could also be easily personalized  in other languages depending on the availability of supplier content and implementation times


Price Navigator has the option to work with different currencies within one  platform, allowing the operator to set up rates in local currencies and differentiate local and foreign passengers.


One of the main features that make Price Navigator unique is the ability to quickly create an online “Dynamic Package”. This advanced technology allows to book, in a single search, a package that contains a Flight & Hotel and even add other complementary products through the cross- selling engine.


Creating a white label in only a few steps is an easy task with Price Navigator. This model is highly requested in the market, especially for tour operators who wish to provide travel agents with an online business at a low cost. This solution was developed with state of the art technology and incorporates the content of 150 integrated suppliers in just one booking platform that is capable of customizing agency brands.


Price Navigator has a cross selling system that automatically offers other ancillary products after a flight or a hotel search has been performed. This module increases conversion and allows the operator to sell more complementary products that usually tend to leave a higher profit margin.  In the B2B segment,  it will no longer be necessary to remind travel agents to offer their clients ancillary products to earn more in a single sale. On the other hand, in the B2C model, Price Navigator will present these products directly to travelers. Available products in the cross sellling module: Transfers, Activities, Cars and Traveler Assistance.


With an exquisite minimalistic design, PRICE NAVIGATOR´s graphic interface is capable of adapting to multiple devices and it was designed -by NEMO´s experts- according to usability researches that aimed at making the interface more intuitive and simple to operate.


Using our uAllotments, uTransfers and uActivities modules, it is possible to manage the upload of hotel, transfer and activity contracts.  These contracts could also be used to create your own packages and become a supplier within NEMO's client network.  

Price Navigator is a technological platform that is perfect for receptive operators and DMCs that need to distribute their products online at a low cost. 


Price Navigator's Flight Module has a chart that allows to check quickly the best fares in a +/- 3 day interval based on the searched performed by the user.


Each module commercialized in Price Navigator contains an advanced filter search allowing the user to find quickly and precisely any piece of information.


Whether you are a hotel supplier or simply a client, Price Navigator allows to release hotel or holiday package offers and highlight them with widgets that are visually appealing.


Price Navigator generates individual web pages for each hotel the user might want to check detail and creates amazing online brochures with all the necessary information to make a better decision. Some of the information available: picture galleries, map location, Google Street View, Trip Advisor's rates and reviews, description of the property provided by suppliers, amenities, cancellation policies, different rates for each type of room and board. The creation of a landing page improves significantly the portal positioning in meta search engines.


Price Navigator enables to connect different gateways to process online payments worldwide. This module allows the operator to collect payments of several tourist products and complete the transaction online without the need to make a manual payment (outside the technological platform) and it also allows to manage installments by entering manually the percentage that needs to be added depending on number of installments, credit card and/or bank. e Navigator.


Users are able to book a hotel using the map view which shows the properties that are closer to a specific address, landmark or attraction places.


Every piece of information related to bookings made in Price Navigator can be exported in a standard type of file in order to manage them from an accounting backoffice.


Price Navigator gives the operator the option to recommend hotels using a widget located in the home page of the portal and highlighting some properties that might be appealing to the user. 


Price Navigator has a CMS that gives our clients the chance to manage their own content in a simple way: texts, banners, pictures, logos and other elements. 


Price Navigator  has a powerful module to create different price rules to increase or decrease rates  by configuring markups and fees for specific time periods and with different criteria such as check-in dates, booking release dates, suppliers, destination and/or client segment, among others.


Searching and booking tours is now easy with Price Navigator thanks to a friendly booking system that helps the user find, in just a few steps,  the best suitable product.

What is more, it has a great number and variety of multimedia content (videos and pictures) that has been enriched by NEMO turning the experience of booking a complex tour into something out of the ordinary due to its simplicity.


The Cruise Module was designed to make the right decision at all times. It presents the opportunity to commercialize tickets from multiple cruise companies within the same platform and guarantees that the booking of a traditionally complex product becomes a simple operation not only for the travel agent but also for the travelers.


A system behind the system” that allows you to manage anything you need to keep your online business running:

Price Rule Engine

CRUD of different users with different rights.

CRUD of supplier contracts by product type.

Content Management System (CMS)

Business Reports 

Control panel to manage and follow up bookings.

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